Thrivespring is a collaborative platform (currently in development) focused on emergency preparedness, resilience and self-sustainability, on an individual and community level.

Some definitions:

Preparedness involves planning ahead for emergencies before they occur.

Resilience is the capacity of an individual or community to absorb shock and positively adapt to change.

Self-sustainability is the ability to maintain oneself independently by relying on one’s own abilities and resources.

We live in an increasingly complex world in which natural disasters, civil disorder, cyber-attacks and various other disruptions are on the increase. In 2017, the cost of weather and climate disasters in the U.S. alone reached a record high of $306B. The interconnectedness of our critical infrastructure, such as the electrical grid, financial services, food system, and water supply, creates risks and vulnerabilities that must be considered and mitigated. Such a centralized, interdependent system has the potential, during a disruption or emergency situation, to lead to cascading failures.

Potential disruptions and emergencies include:

  • natural disasters
  • extreme weather
  • power grid failure
  • cyber attack
  • terrorist attack
  • pandemic
  • water contamination
  • food supply disruption

The purpose of Thrivespring is to create a network of resilient, self-sustainable, thriving local communities
in the UK and beyond.

The term “resilience” means different things to different people and organisations. To us, long-term community resilience requires engaged, organised, prepared citizens; local food and water security; local energy production; and a robust local economy. But those are very long-term goals for any community. In the short term, we can all do our bit by focusing on our own personal preparedness plans, and getting involved with local resilience initiatives.

The long-term plan is to grow Thrivespring into a problem-solving social platform for individuals, community groups, businesses and authorities, enabling members to form real-world connections, access vital emergency information, and create disaster resilience initiatives to reduce our vulnerabilities and build thriving, self-sustainable communities.

Thrivespring is based in Cambridge, England.